Daigo Izumi
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Daigo Izumi

Tokyo, Japan

Hi Daigo, please introduce yourself.

I’m a photographer based in Tokyo Japan. I hold my exhibition at commercial gallery in Tokyo every year. In 2009, when I am 31 years old, i started learning photography from photographer Satoru Watanabe. One day, i saw a photograph in Museum. That was a small gelatin silver print made by Andre Kertesz. His beautiful print deeply touched my heart. I wanted it but couldn’t buy it. So I decided to try making my own print.

What does analog photography mean to you? What excites / fascinates you about it?

Analog photography is a way to make something what I want. I like photographs printed on black and white photographic paper.

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of analogue photography?

Analog photography is good for making gelatin silver print. And good for learning history of photography. When I’m working in the darkroom, sometimes I imagine that the “Calotype” invented by W.H.Talbot in the 19th century is connected to my photograph.

Do you concentrate on a certain topic in your work? ​

I want to make something that I can stare at in silence. I want to make something that quiets mind when I stare at it.

Are there (analogue) photographers who have influenced your aesthetic and approach?

Andre Kertesz, Josef Sudek and Tomio Seike. I love their works.

Do you have certain cameras and films that you prefer to work with?

I use Nikon F3+50mm lens and Kodak Tri-X 400 or Ilford HP5 Plus.

Speaking of films: What does your workflow look like? ​

I develop a film by myself and make work prints in my darkroom. Through the selection process, i eventually print them on fiber based paper.

What advice would you have for other photographers who are reading this interview?

I have considered this question but have found no suitable advice.

If you publish your work on Instagram: curse or blessing?

Blessing. Some people find my works on Instagram and come to see my exhibition.

Which 3 photo books can you recommend / should you definitely own?

I like atmosphere of these three books: “Photographe” (Claude Batho), “Revealing Light” (Rilo Raymond) and “Waterscapes” (Tomio Seike).

Thank you so much for your time!



Nikon F3


Kodak Tri-X, Ilford HP5 Plus

Farbe & s/w


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